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About Me

Revised and Revisable

I used to use this post for the About Me page, but so much has changed it’s not completely pertinent. Still, it’s a good read if you have the time and are interested in my whole story.

With backgrounds in both engineering and computer programming, I have turned my attention to music. My goal is to play as much as I can, develop as a player, write, record, and perform. I also enjoy helping other musicians achieve their goals in whatever ways I can.

My first love in music is piano. Thanks to my big sister Kathy, I own a real grand piano. After that is organ (Hammond B3 style, if you must know. I have a Hammond A-100, which is a B3 in a “home organ” style box), then the Wurlitzer and Rhodes electric pianos (I have the Wurli, but I’ve run out of room to add a Rhodes). I’ll also play clavinet when the funk calls for it. Beyond that are other true keyboard instruments if I get to experiment with them. I don’t dig “faking” instruments such as horns or strings (I once contacted a Rolling Stones tribute band that was looking for a keyboard player. They were recreating one of the Stones’ albums, and they wanted the keyboard player to play the horn parts. I passed).

I also enjoy working on these old instruments. That’s the engineer in me.

I enjoy lots of different kinds of music, and am open to playing many things. That said, blues, jazz, and rock are at my core. Really, anything that swings and has the right groove is what I am about. To me, the best rock has some swing to it, Rolling Stones, Jimmie Vaughan, and others. The straighter it is, the more I’m like, “later for that.”

This blog is about what I’m doing as a musician. It’s a bit of a journal, but I also hope that you find it helpful and that it gives you things to think about in what you’re doing.

Posted 2008 01 30 at 10:59 AM

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